Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Recently in the shopping centre in my town (frenchgate shopping centre) a new restaurant has opened up called Cosmo!
It's actually a really lovely place!
My boyfriend Danny took me on Saturday night (27th of April) it was beautiful!
We got there and we were seated straight away! We got our drinks straight away! (I had a Malibu and coke and Danny had a pint)
Within seconds of us getting seated we went and got our first plate! (Pictured below)
I got crispy duck and pancakes with hoisin sauce, I got some beaut ribs some little potatoes and SUSHI! It was great!
They had an amazing selection of food from so many different places!
Italy, china, Britain, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand so many places I can't name them all!
For our second plate we had teppanyaki! Which if you've never had it before is a meat or fish of your choice cooked on a flat grill (pictures below) we both had steak! I had mine medium and it was beautiful! I also got some spicy stripped chicken and a slice of pizza and beef in black bean sauce and of course more sushi!
Oh and we also got dessert! Also pictured below! I had some eaton mess and panna cotta.
I had such an amazing night there, the staff were lovely and the food was to die for! It was like food heaven!
The prices weren't bad either! £14.99 for all you can eat! The only down side is that you have a time limit of an hour and a half but apart from that it was amazing! Hopefully going back with my best friend Kamara on Friday! Can't wait


  1. mmm looks lovely!!! Nice blog! I cant seem to find a button to follow your blog though!xx

    1. Thank you! And ill try and set it up ASAP xx