Saturday, 4 May 2013

COSMO review!

Okay okay
so I know I've already wrote about Cosmo but I'm going to do it again! Like an actual review this time!
As normal all photos will be down the bottom! :3
So today me and my best friend Kamara went to Cosmo for lunch.
The prices are really good!
For lunch on a Saturday it was £9.99
After 5pm it goes up to £14.99 but that's because more food is available like teppanyaki and a carvery and a chocolate fountain!
So for lunch today I had cucumber maki, ribs and crispy pork with pancakes hoisin sauce and cucumber (they were out of crispy duck)
Kamara tried sushi for the first time and she described it as "a food she could eat but not enjoy" she had tried a salmon and cucumber California roll and she described the salmon as like a worm haha!
The ribs were amazing! I can't remember the name of the sauce but it was beautiful! The crispy pork and pancakes was also amazing which I wasn't gonna be to sure about because I prefer duck to pork but I really enjoyed it! The sushi was lovely as well! We even got a little "sushi plate" where you could put your soy sauce in a little dish :)
We had another walk around and I took a few photos which will be below, and I found lemon sauce! Like hot lemon curd we decided we couldn't not try it so we both got some stripped chicken and pit the sauce on, I also ended up getting beef in black bean sauce (again) and black peppered chicken, and more maki!
I have to say the lemon sauce and chicken was amazing a little bit sweet hit I loved it! The beef in black bean sauce was perfect the beef wasn't too chewy which was lovely, now the black peppered chicken!
Oh my it was amazing the chicken pretty much melted in your mouth it was so tender and flavoursome! I could have gone back for more if I hadn't filled myself up on sushi and ribs!
Desert was lovely too! I had eaton mess again! And profiteroles with chocolate sauce, jelly, a doughnut oh and vanilla soufflé with chocolate brownie! There was so much to chose from I didn't really know what to pick!
In the end it was really cheap it came to about £11.00 each as I got 10% off for working in the shopping centre.
The drinks were quite cheap too, we got refillable coke for £2.40 :)
I can't wait to go back again! I'm so excited its by far one of the best restaurants I've been to!
Also if you're from the UK and live near Doncaster I highly recommend you come and try out Cosmo!
You will not be disappointed!

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  1. serious food envy right now