Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Busy busy busy

I'm so so so so so so sorry I've not posted anything in so long!! I've been super super busy with work! 
I'm working on some products I'm going to be making soon!
I'm extremely excited about doing this like I actually can't wait! 
I'll post pictures of everything that I will be making and the prices, things will be made to order so you can choose colouring and etc... 
I will also be definitely be uploading a make up tutorial sometime this week! 

Me and my mum also got matching tattoos yesterday which I am totally in love with!
These were done by an apprentice at a well known tattooists in my town centre they cost us £10 (£5 each) and they are perfect we got them done in coloured outline too which makes them even more beautiful! Because well... Cherry blossoms aren't outlined in black.. They are pure colour, we got them on the exact same ankle in the exact same place. I'm considering going back for a few more cherry blossoms because I love this! 

I have also been experimenting with making my own lipstick and so far I'm very happy with it! So far I've made an electric blue and a deep purple :) 

I love the purple one the most! It's just perfect! 

Anyway I've mumbled on a little bit now, I hope you've enjoyed reading this! 

Hope to be back again this week! 
With products and new things to talk about! 


  1. ooooh your tattoos are just lovely! :) so cute that you got it with your mum - my mum would kill me if i got one! <3

  2. hey babe :) those tattoos are so lovely I wouldn't change a thing !