Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My bank holiday!

So yesterday had been a perfect day for me :)
I got up and went to my boyfriends house and we went down to Selby market with his ma and granddad it was lovely!
We walked round the market and then we went and bought ice creams and sat in the sun on a little bench on the edge of a field, smoked and had our ice creams while listening to some really chilled music :)
They'll be some pictures below of my day :)
After we went back to Danny's and then went to my dads for a BBQ.
Which was lovely :)
After the BBQ we got a bus back to Danny's and got off literally in the middle of nowhere and took a mile walk back to his house, we walked through a woods near his house called "creepy" it wasn't that creepy to be honest it was lovely to get into some shade after being in the sun all day!
So yeah that was my bank holiday! 

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