Thursday, 20 June 2013

Limecrime review

Okay so I'm going to be writing a review on two limecrime lipsticks I've gotten recently.
I have recently purchased Mint to be and Airborne unicorn, and I must say these lipsticks are the best lipsticks I've ever purchased, I love them both so much, I will also be doing two video reviews on them soon, one on Mint to be and another on Airborne unicorn, the first lipstick (Mint to be) was a gift from my boyfriend and this lipstick is perfect the colour is amazing and it goes on your lips perfectly! It's a really bold colour and doesn't wear off at all! 

As you can see the packaging is amazing and the lipstick is so bold and beautiful while on I'm very happy with this lipstick and out of 10 I would have to give it a 10, the delivery for this one messed up a little, my boyfriend found a place online where you could get them cheap and genuine when he made the order something went wrong so they refunded him and sent another the next day, the delivery was fast and came within two days! And it was posted in a lovely envelope.

My second lipstick (airborne unicorn) I purchased was on Sunday night and it came Tuesday morning I was very impressed with the delivery! I would tell you the shop I ordered it from but I've completely forgotten the name of it! If I find it out I will post a link to it in the comments section for you guys! 
Any way! Airborne unicorn is an amazing lipstick the colour of it is like a soft purple and its amazing just like Mint to be, it goes on your lips perfectly and doesn't wear off! It's the most beautiful lipstick I own! Out of 10 I would have to give it a 10 because I'm amazed at how perfect this lipstick is! 

Sorry about the poor quality photo of me wearing it I've been at work most of this week and this was the only photo I've been able to take of me wearing it! But as you can see its a beautiful colour! 

Here's a photo of both of my lipsticks and the packaging.

I love these lipsticks very much and I hope you've enjoyed reading my post! As soon as I find out the name of the shop I will post it! 

Happy blogging!

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