Monday, 1 July 2013

Race for life!

Okay so I keep forgetting to post this!
So I did the race for life 5k in Doncaster on the 19th of June! And it was the best thing I've experienced in ages, I had such fun to say I did it all by myself! 
I'm really proud of myself to be honest I finished the race in 51 minutes and I raised a total of £150 which I was so happy about! 
I did the race for life as two people in my family have suffered from breast cancer and they were the two people in my family who I was closest too. Fortunately they both kicked cancers butt! And I was over the moon! 
I raised most of the money through customers at work and staff I am very grateful for all the people who sponsored me!
So yeah this post is basically just a little bit about the race for life 
Here's a few photos 

Thanks for reading guys! 

Happy blogging! 

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  1. I have to do this one year!!